Imugene MD Dr Leslie Chong Talks JustStocks Video Through Bile Tract Cancer Expansion Study And New Strategic Partnership

Imugene Ltd (ASX: IMU) MD Dr Leslie Chong caught up with JustStocks Video following strategic news released today. Enrolment for Imugene’s expansion study for Bile Tract Cancer (cholangiocarcinoma) patients, part of its VAXINIA MAST clinical program. The expansion trial is expected to enrol 10 patients.

Dr Chong also details a strategic partnership inked with Kincell Bio. Kincell Bio is acquiring Imugene’s North Carolina manufacturing facility for US$6 million in upfront and milestone-driven payments over three years. Significantly, she says the deal extends Imugene’s cash runway to 2026.

Leslie will be presenting at the JustStocks ‘Stars In 2024 Series’ in Melbourne on April 30th and Sydney on May 1st. To register visit the Investor Events at JustStocks website.

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