How To Earn Passive Income While You Sleep With ETFs

Have you ever dreamed of earning passive income while you sleep? There is a way to turn that lovely dream into your reality.

But before you jump in, let us demystify the ETF process. We will guide you toward building a reliable income stream.

What are ETFs?

ETFs, or Exchange Traded Funds, offer a simple and affordable way to invest in a basket of assets. Or put another way, ETFs are like baskets of various investments. In our example, we focus on shares traded on the ASX.

You can buy or sell units in an ETF just like you’d buy or sell any share on the ASX. An investment of $500 will get you started in an ETF.

Dividend Payers

An ETF that has acquired holdings in dividend-paying companies on the ASX receives a share of the dividends paid by that company regularly.

They pass on this income received from companies in their ETF as dividend income to investors who have bought a unit of that ETF. They are known as Dividend Payer ETFs.

Choosing the Right Dividend ETF

Not all ETFs are created equal when it comes to dividends. Here is what you need to consider:

  • Dividend yield: This represents the percentage of the ETF’s price that is paid out as dividends annually. A higher yield generally means more income to you. Look for a higher yield.
  • Dividend payout frequency: Some ETFs pay dividends quarterly, while others pay monthly or annually. Choose a frequency that aligns with your income needs.
  • Dividend growth: Look for ETFs with a history of increasing their dividends consistently over time. This can ensure your income stream grows along with your investment.
  • Focus: Consider ETFs that focus on specific sectors known for paying consistently high dividends, such as banks.

Building your portfolio

It is important to diversify your investments, so you might buy more than one ETF.

Spread your funds across multiple ETFs with different dividend profiles to diversify risk and maximize your potential income.

Investing in dividend-paying ETFs is the way to earn passive income.


Start small and reinvest your dividends to compound your returns over time.

With careful planning and the right ETFs, you can build a reliable passive income stream and watch your income grow steadily over time while you sleep.




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