How Themes ETF Is Charting to Establish a Foothold in the U.S. Market

There is no shortage of ETFs in the $8 trillion US ETF market. A new entrant Themes ETFs launched a rapid-fire 11 NASDAQ-traded Exchange Traded Funds focused on thematic as well as a sprinkling of fundamental passively managed ETFs.

From Airlines to Artificial Intelligence, the Themes ETFs offer targeted exposures spanning both cutting-edge technology themes and traditional industries.

Themes ETFs, which is led by Jose Gonzalez-Navarro, who previously cofounded both Global X ETFs in 2008 is the new kid on the ETF market with big ambitions.

Other cofounders are COO Dobromir Kamburov, and General Counsel Tracy Grant.

The firm has foregone a traditional distribution model in favor of a direct-to-investor model that minimizes distributional expenses.

The aim is to pass these savings directly on to investors in the form of lower fees.

In all, Themes ETFs has filed to create 22 ETFs.

Cost Model

Alongside its thematic offering, the company has launched four low-cost fundamental passive ETFs. With expense ratios priced from 0.29% to 0.35%, all four funds are collectively 30% cheaper than the average expense ratio of 0.45% charged by other fundamental ETFs.

The thematic ETFs include Themes European Luxury ETF (GSIB, Themes Global Systemically Important Banks ETF (GSIB), the aptly named Themes Cybersecurity ETF (SPAM), Themes Generative Artificial Intelligence ETF (WISE), and the Themes Airlines ETF (AIR).

Themes ETFs is up against some established competitors in Blackrock, Vanguard and State Street with a combined US$6,300 million in assets.



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