HITIQ Advances Player Safety with NRL Partnership for 2024 Season

HITIQ Ltd (ASX: HIQ) has revealed a pivotal partnership with the National Rugby League (NRL) for the 2024 season, marking a significant milestone as its cutting-edge technology gains exposure across all major Australian sports leagues.

The NRL has embarked on a trial of HITIQ’s state-of-the-art head impact mouthguard technology, aiming to assess its efficacy for broader implementation within rugby league.

Designed to revolutionize player safety, HITIQ’s sensor technology offers precise measurement and recording of head impact events, delivering real-time insights to mitigate the risks associated with undetected head trauma.

Priced at $599 per unit, this innovative solution represents a proactive step towards safeguarding player welfare in contact sports.

The initiative comes amidst growing awareness of the link between repetitive head impacts and degenerative brain disease, underscoring the NRL’s commitment to bolstering player safety measures.

HITIQ distinguishes itself as a pioneer in evidence-based brain care solutions, leveraging world-class technologies ranging from sensor-enabled mouthguards to AI-driven data analytics interfaces and best-in-class return-to-play/work support software.

In addition to the NRL trial, several teams have independently embraced HITIQ’s instrumented mouthguard, known as iMG technology, to monitor and mitigate head impact exposure during training sessions, games, and competitions.

By deploying iMGs across various positions, these teams are gathering comprehensive longitudinal impact data, facilitating the collection of concussion data points, and developing clinical utility pathways.

Damien Hawes, HITIQ’s Chief Commercial Officer said:

“Alongside the independent adoption of our technology by several other NRL teams, this agreement with the NRL further underscores the importance of our product in proactive player health management.”

While the partnership with the NRL is primarily commercial, HITIQ underscores that the financial implications are not deemed material. This underscores the company’s commitment to prioritising player welfare and advancing innovative solutions in the realm of sports technology.

With its technology gaining traction across multiple sports leagues, HITIQ is poised to continue driving advancements in player safety and ushering in a new era of proactive health management in sports.

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