Group 6 Metals Proves Dolphin Ore Body Is A World Class Tungsten Deposit

Group 6 Metals Ltd (ASX: G6M) is transitioning mining to the main dolphin ore body at the Dolphin Tungsten Mine located on King Island in Tasmania.

Average mining grades have seen a sharp increase and are exceeding grades forecast for January and February 2024.

Dolphin is considered a stand-out among tungsten deposits in the Western world with an average reserve grade of about 0.92% tungsten.

During February, the average mining grade was 0.63% tungsten, resulting in higher average-grade ore supply to the process plant and an improved production of concentrate.

Group 6 Metals Limited went through a name change from King Island Scheelite Limited (ASX: KIS).

More details

Since implementing some changes to the plant configuration in early March, the process plant achieved a new 24-hour throughput record of 1231 tonnes (dry), exceeding 50 tonnes per hour (83% plant design throughput).

Group 6 Metals commenced commercial production and completed the first container shipment from the port of Grassy in July 2023.

Production is ramping up to produce 2,600 tonnes per annum of tungsten over the life of the mine.

Earlier in the year the company received a $14.3 million research and development grant.

Group 6 Metals wholly owns the Dolphin Tungsten Mine.

The company is scouting for opportunities to add further value beyond the current mining and sale to supply products into the upstream tungsten industry.

Tungsten is a strong refractory metal used in steels to increase hardness and strength and in lamp filaments.

The tungsten price or Ammonium Paratungstate (APT) CIF Rotterdam prices have remained relatively firm at US$300 – 325 per MTU (10 kg of WO3).


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