Great Boulder Resources Restarts Drilling At Side Well Gold Project

Great Boulder Resources Ltd (ASX: GBR) has restarted exploration drilling at its flagship Side Well Gold Project in Western Australia.

The combined air core (AC) and reverse circulation (RC) drilling program is expected to take three to four weeks to complete.

This campaign will test several high-priority targets at the Saltbush, Mulga Bill North and Matilda Prospects.

GBR will also test anomalies at the recently acquired Polelle Project near Westgold Resources Ltd’s (ASX: WGX) Bluebird Gold Mine.

Mulga Bill North drilling

Great Boulder Managing Director Andrew Paterson said: “The RC rig arrived at Saltbush last week.

“We have already completed another twelve holes there, and now the rig is at Mulga Bill North for a combined RC and AC program.”

High-grade gold domains

The Mulga Bill North drilling includes holes drilled from north to south across the cross-cutting dyke, for geological purposes.

They are designed to test the thickness of the dyke to enable GBR to tighten up its high-grade gold domains in that area.

The holes are also orthogonal to the north-plunging high-grade veins as the company aims to intersect further high-grade gold.

Polelle Project drilling

Paterson added: “After that we’ll drill AC targets at Mulga Bill North, the Matilda prospect, and we will also drill the first holes into our new targets down on the Polelle Project south of town.

“These will be the first holes drilled in that area for many years, so we’re very keen to see results from Polelle.”

At the end of the March quarter, GBR had a cash balance of A$3.94 million.



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