Genetic Technologies Aims to Lead in Personalised Predictive Genomics Globally

Genetic Technologies Ltd (ASX: GTG; NASDAQ: GENE) aims to become a world leader in personalised predictive genomics.

Empowering individuals to take control of their own health.

The company’s valuation proposition is turning cutting-edge science into predictive tests driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques.

As pioneers in clinical genetics, Genetic Technologies has spent the past 20 years decoding the genome and unlocking its value for human health.

The company is on a journey from research and development, through commercialisation and is now on the pathway to profitability through 2024 and 2025.

New market opportunities exist in Europe, South East Asia, and the United Kingdom.

Multi brand strategy

Revenues are anchored by the company’s three brands to seize on a multi-billion dollar opportunity, being geneType, EasyDNA and AffinityDNA.

geneType offers integrated risk testing for a range of serious conditions.

EasyDNA and AffinityDNA provide proof of paternity and family history information.

Financial highlights for the first half of financial year 2024 include:

  • Cash receipts of A$3.9 million
  • Gross margin of A$2.1 million

There were a record number of geneType tests processed, with six times more commercial samples received compared to the prior period.

Pathways to market include medical and payer, consumer initiated testing and direct to consumer testing.

Targeting outcomes

Genetic Technologies lead the way in clinical integration of polygenic risk by creating proprietary algorithms that are specifically calibrated to the general population.

All of the company’s disease-specific tests outperform their respective clinical gold-standard risk models.

The technology is designed to provide clinicians with absolute risk scores that simplify the complex integration of risk factors and ultimately enable actionable recommendations.

World first

GeneType’s latest innovation will be a world first.

Including over 200 high penetrant genes to unlock the hereditary disease risk to its current multi-test for 9 diseases in oncology, cardiovascular and Type-2 Diabetes.

This cutting-edge test is a significant leap forward in personalised preventative healthcare, providing physicians and their patients with an unprecedented tool to tailor interventions and treatment plans.




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