Gateway Mining Defines New Copper-Nickel-PGE Target At Flametree

Gateway Mining Ltd (ASX:GML) has identified a new magmatic copper-nickel-PGE target zone at its Flametree target, situated with the Montague Project in Western Australia.

The target was defined during the company’s recent diamond drilling program and the subsequent EM surveying at Flametree.

Moving forward, Gateway is planning a follow-up air-core drilling to map the newly-identified prospective base metal corridor.

Gateway managing director Mark Cossom said: “Our exploration of the multi-commodity potential of the Montague Project continues to gain momentum, with the magmatic copper-nickel-PGE opportunity at Flametree rapidly taking shape and emerging as a priority exploration target for the Company.

Highly prospective for copper-nickel-PGE

Based on the results of this diamond drilling and DHEM survey, the area to the west of GDD027 and south of the historic RC intersections remains highly prospective for copper-nickel-PGE sulphide mineralisation.

Results have also been received from the Montague Range soil geochemical sampling program, which has successfully highlighted the layered mafic-ultramafic stratigraphy along strike.

Areas of significant copper anomalism, coupled with historical shallow Cu-Ni-PGE results, provide new targets for exploration

As such, the next step in advancing this target is to outline the geometry of the prospective intrusive unit and locate prospective sites for sulphide mineralisation.

Location of the Flame Tree target zone

Forward plan

A systematic air-core program is planned for this area, both to define the bedrock geology and also provide valuable bottom-of-hole geochemical data.

Subsequently, this will then allow for planning of further diamond drilling.

Detailed specialist mapping and sampling will be undertaken by consultant geologists prior to the definition of drill targets.

Furthermore, it is anticipated that this air-core program will be completed following suitable permitting and site preparation activities.



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