Firebrick Pharma Shares Surge After Launching Nasal Spray In The US

Firebrick Pharma Ltd (ASX: FRE) shares were trading 39% higher intra-day at A$0.071 after launching the Nasodine nasal spray in the United States.

Nasodine is now available to purchase from Firebrick’s US website ( and online promotion is starting this week.

Nasal hygiene product

In the US market, Nasodine will be marketed for “nasal hygiene” purposes, avoiding any claims of therapeutic benefits.

Legal advice obtained by Firebrick allows them to market the product without prior approval from the FDA.

This strategy aligns with several other PVP-I (iodopovidone) nasal sprays already established in the US market.

Transition to commercial pharmaceutical business

Firebrick Executive Chairman Dr Peter Molloy said: “Launching Nasodine into the world’s premier pharmaceutical market is a momentous event for our company, culminating more than 10 years of R&D and heralding our transition to a commercial pharmaceutical business.”

Dr. Molloy further highlighted that Nasodine will be the only PVP-I nasal spray in the US with demonstrated safety through clinical trials.

US-based manufacturing

In the US, Nasodine is manufactured for Firebrick by a contract manufacturer who recently completed its first US commercial batch of finished product.

Firebrick has also partnered with a US-based online marketing agency to develop and execute a social media advertising campaign.

Initially, Nasodine will be marketed online only, although in the future it is expected to be available in US pharmacies as well.

Firebrick has additional products in development and anticipates introducing some of them to the US market.




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