FBR Shares Rise After Bricklaying Robot Departs On A Ship To Florida

FBR Ltd (ASX: FBR) shares are trading higher after its next-generation Hadrian X robot departed the port of Fremantle, Western Australia.

The robot is on a ship bound for Florida, United States to conduct FBR’s first international demonstration program.

Transportation of Hadrian X is expected to take about 2 months from port to port.

FBR shares rose 8.7% following the announcement, trading at A$0.025.

Wall as a Service

Hadrian X is a bricklaying robot that builds structural walls faster, safer, more accurately and with less wastage than traditional manual methods.

The robot provides Wall as a Service, FBR’s unique commercial offering, to builders on demand.

Upon arrival in Florida, the Hadrian X will pass through customs, after which it will undergo engineering inspections to ensure readiness for the site acceptance test.

Upon completing the site acceptance test, Hadrian X will start construction of the walls of up to 10 homes in Florida.

U.S.-spec Hadrian X

Meanwhile, the production of further next-generation Hadrian X units is progressing.

The first U.S. truck chassis is expected to arrive in Australia in the coming months to complete the assembly of the first U.S.-spec Hadrian X.

FBR is well funded with A$11.1 million cash at the end of the March quarter.



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