Euro Manganese Commissions Demonstration Plant In Czech Republic

Euro Manganese Inc (ASX:EMN) has commissioned the high-purity manganese demonstration plant at the Chvaletice Manganese Project, Czech Republic.

Following the commissioning, HPEMM (high-purity electrolytic manganese metal) produced from the electrowinning circuit of the Demonstration Plant has been used to produce target HPMSM (high-purity manganese sulphate monohydrate) specifications with low levels of impurities.

The consistent operation of all modules is a requirement of commissioning which has now been achieved.

Finished product samples

The completion of commissioning allows Euro Manganese to produce bulk, multi-tonne finished product samples of HPMSM and/or HPEMM.

This will be used for prospective customers’ supply chain qualification, thereby reducing the timeline to test products from the Chvaletice commercial plant in the future.

Optimisation activities underway

There are still optimisation activities underway, and the demonstration plant allows the company to:

  • Collect relevant operational data to feed into the engineering of the commercial plant;
  • Prepare intermediate process stream and residue samples as required for vendor testing of process equipment for the commercial plant; and
  • Produce by-product samples for testing and potential marketing of such by-products, e.g. magnesium carbonate.

“Significant milestone”

Euro Manganese President & CEO Dr. Matthew James said: “The ability to produce high-purity manganese products from our commissioned Demonstration Plant is a significant milestone for the company.

“This enables us to offer prospective customers the optionality of on-spec HPEMM and/or HPMSM products with very tight impurity levels. In fact, some high-purity manganese samples from the Demonstration Plant have already been provided to certain parties to allow them to start or continue with their product qualification process.”

Unique waste-to-value opportunity

Euro Manganese is a battery materials company focused on becoming a leading producer of high-purity manganese for the electric vehicle industry.

The Chvaletice Project is a unique waste-to-value recycling and remediation opportunity involving reprocessing old tailings from a decommissioned mine.

It is also the only sizable resource of manganese in the EU, strategically positioning the company to provide battery supply chains with critical raw materials.



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