Estrella Resources Reaffirms Manganese And Copper-Gold Potential In Timor-Leste

Estrella Resources Ltd (ASX: ESR) has reaffirmed the potential for manganese and copper-gold at its Lautém Project in Timor-Leste.

The latest results are from preliminary geological reconnaissance within Estrella’s recently granted 503.7 square kilometre tenure.

Multiple manganese outcrops

Estrella has completed preliminary mapping around the Daudere village area, which identified numerous manganese outcrops over a 2-kilometre by 300-metre zone.

The manganese bands are between 2 to 10cm wide with sample LRG_031 returning 48.1% manganese from portable XRF analysis.

This is noteworthy because this sample is located ~ 1 kilometre from LRG_015 which earlier this month returned an assay of 60.8% manganese.

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Estrella Managing Director Chris Daws said: “Our initial exploration work is continuing to prove very exciting with over 27km strike of the manganese host Noni Formation having been defined from historical maps within our Lautém project.”

Luro copper-gold prospect

Shifting gears to copper-gold, the Luro prospect was identified by Estrella from historical mineral occurrence maps.

An initial visit was made by Estrella’s team and identified roadside black shales, schists and hydrothermal breccias.

These occurrences are potentially associated with the Permian-aged rocks which are up thrusted from the Australian continental shelf.

Select samples to be sent to Australia

Estrella has wasted no time in getting to work at identifying the prospective areas in what is a vast tenure package.

The company has secured a site in Dili for its team to work with the samples that are being collected in the field with a sample preparation area established.

Select samples will be returned to Australia for standard laboratory analysis as standard reference checks.

This will have the benefit of alleviating sample bottlenecking and enable exploration to progress at a much faster pace.




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