Emu NL Eyes Potential For Major Copper Porphyry System At Georgetown

Emu NL (ASX: EMU) has extended a geochemistry program to further investigate the potential for a copper porphyry discovery at the Georgetown Project in Queensland.

The company has contracted Independent Consulting Economic Geologist Nigel Maund to assess the Fiery Creek prospect within Georgetown.

Makings of a copper porphyry system

Substantial high-grade copper assays of up to 23.5% copper have been recorded at Fiery Creek with anomalous associated elements.

Maund noted that the system is copper-dominated with significant bismuth and silver.

The geochemical characteristics of the rock types have clearly served to underpin the interpretation of the system to be a porphyry system.

Importantly, the geochemistry compares favourably to similar geologically aged projects including Mount Leyshon, Kidston, Red Dome and nearby Mt Turner.

Potential for a high-grade deposit

Emu Non-Executive Chairman Peter Thomas said: “Emu is increasingly confident the Fiery Creek prospect has the makings of a massive multimillion-tonne copper porphyry system.

“In addition to Mr Maund’s assessment, the results of our geochemistry work to date at Fiery Creek have confirmed the potential for a near-surface, high-grade deposit which warrants further investigation.”

Thomas said that Emu intends to strengthen its understanding of this discovery in 2024 by applying modern exploration techniques.

This includes the next key step for Emu which is to undertake a definitive geophysical survey in August this year.

What’s next?

An extended sampling program has resumed at Fiery Creek prospect with a detailed 1:500 scale geologic mapping activity scheduled.

An XRF sampling program over the outcropping vein areas of Fiery Creek to build a “heat map” of pathfinder elements has also been scheduled.

The heat map will generate possible vectors for early drilling.

The geochemistry sampling programs will take place during May 2024 with the geophysics survey scheduled in August 2024.

Drill planning will follow results from the surveys however due to the wet season first drilling is likely to be scheduled in March 2025.



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