Elsight Enhances Lockheed Martin Drone With Its Connectivity Platform

Elsight Ltd (ASX: ELS) has achieved a breakthrough by integrating its Halo connectivity platform with Lockheed Martin’s Indago 4 drone.

The integration was done during a strategic collaboration exercise to complete BVLOS (beyond visual line-of-sight) flights with enhanced capabilities.

Following this successful integration, Lockheed Martin will offer this configuration, Indago 4 with Halo, as a solution to its customers.

Aggregating diverse IP links

At the heart of this integration lies Elsight’s Halo, a reliable communication system.

By aggregating diverse IP links—public cellular, private cellular, satellite, and SDR radio—the Halo ensures uninterrupted connectivity in challenging environments.

Enhancing wireless dispersion capabilities

Indago 4 is a tactical quadcopter uncrewed aerial system (UAS) that is purpose-built for vital missions.

Its producer, Lockheed Martin, is an American aerospace, arms, defence and technology corporation with worldwide interests.

Incorporating Elsight’s solution enhances the Indago 4’s wireless dispersion capabilities for maintaining robust communication links.

Real-time situational awareness

Elsight Co-founder and CTO Roee Kashi said: “We designed the Halo to provide real-time situational awareness in difficult defense and public safety scenarios.

“Ultimately, field commanders need to make strategic decisions at any moment and should have the widest ‘lens’ possible with all the critical information.

 “Now with our integration, the Indago 4 becomes the ‘eyes’ of any commander and the control centre,” added Kashi.

Revenue growth

Elsight’s revenue during Q1 2024 was US$621,000 (135% over Q1 2023), driven by sales to government and private defence entities on a global basis.

The company had cash of US$2.5 million on 31 March 2024.



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