Dundas Minerals To Start Follow-Up Drilling At Windanya Gold Project

Dundas Minerals Ltd (ASX: DUN) is getting ready to start a follow-up drilling program at the Windanya Gold Project in Western Australia.

This follows the intersection of high-grade gold from its initial drilling program completed in December 2023, which included:

  • Aquarius prospect: 3 metres at 10.2 g/t gold from 109 metres;
  • Capricorn prospect: 3 metres at 9.14 g/t gold from 114 metres; and
  • Scorpio prospect: 2 metres at 3.2 g/t gold from 9 metres.

Six zones prioritised for drilling

Dundas is aiming to start the new drilling program before the end of April 2024.

With the drilling contractor conveniently located in Kalgoorlie, mobilization to the site will be swift upon receiving program approval.

Drill targets have been selected based on expert independent consultants’ interpretation of detailed aerial magnetics data, geology and geological structures.

Drilling is targeting primary gold mineralisation at depth on contact zones.

With this in mind, six zones of contact have been prioritised for drill testing.

Exploration model based on Paddington

The nearby Paddington gold mine (~30kms south) has been adopted as an exploration model for the Windanya project.

Drilling is expected to take 10 to 12 days to complete, depending on ground conditions and drill rig performance.

Results from the program are expected to be available between three and four weeks after program completion.

Highly experienced team

Dundas Managing Director Shane Volk said: “At Dundas Minerals we are fortunate to have access to a group of highly experienced geology and geophysics consultants.”

Volk added that their analysis of the regional and local geology, and the incorporation of data from the auger sampling and initial RC drilling program, underpins the drilling targets rational, positioning and prioritisation.

Dundas had a cash balance of A$1.27 million at the end of the December 2023 quarter.


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