Dreadnought Resources Delivers High-Quality Mixed Rare Earth Carbonate From Yin

Dreadnought Resources Ltd (ASX: DRE) has produced a high-quality mixed rare earth carbonate (MREC) from the Yin monazite concentrate.

Yin is part of the 100% owned Mangaroon REE (rare earth elements) Project in Western Australia.


In November 2023, monazite concentrate from the Yin REE project was provided to ANSTO.

The metallurgical testing was done through a conventional acid bake/leach process to produce an MREC.

Applying a conventional low-temperature acid bake/leach process, ANSTO achieved the following key results:

  • ~94% recovery of neodymium and praseodymium from concentrate through to MREC;
  • MREC grade of 60.7% TREO (total rare earth oxide) containing 16.3% neodymium and 4.4% praseodymium; and
  • the neodymium-praseodymium oxide ratio is high at 34% of the total TREO.

Significant milestone

ANSTO concluded “the DRE concentrate is well suited for processing via a conventional acid bake/leach process in ANSTO’s experience”.

It is worth noting that Yin has a resource of 29.98 million tonnes at 1.04% TREO which covers only ~4.6km of ~43km of strike.

Dreadnought Managing Director Dean Tuck said: “This is a significant milestone for Dreadnought and the Yin REE Project.

“ANSTO is a world-leader in its field and has demonstrated that the monazite concentrate has excellent metallurgical recoveries using a conventional process that results in a high quality MREC.”

What’s next?

Tuck noted that ongoing metallurgical optimisation work is expected to further improve these results.

“With these results in hand, we are well placed to advance discussions with a range of downstream partners,” added Tuck.



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