Desoto Resources Identifies Base Metal, Rare Earth And Gold Potential At Spectrum

DeSoto Resources Ltd (ASX: DES) has identified the potential for a base metal, rare earth and gold mineralised system at the Spectrum Project in the Northern Territory.

This follows the completion of  regional geological assessment and geophysical plate modelling of the recently acquired project.

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Complex mineralisation system

There is strong evidence that the Quantum REE-Au (rare earth elements – gold) mineralisation and the Vesper EM (electromagnetic) anomaly are part of the same, complex mineralisation system.

This system is associated with intersection of the Fenton Shear Zone (FSZ) and the Hayes Creek Fault (HCF) system.

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Both the Quantum REE-Au mineralisation and the Vesper EM anomaly are hosted on the same structure some 1.5km apart.

The HCF is a known host for uranium and gold mineralisation with the Thunderball Uranium deposit and the Princess Louise gold deposits directly associated with the eastern end of the fault zone.

Discrete copper soil anomaly

Both the FSZ and HCF are regionally extensive, deep structures that control mineralisation within the area.

The Spectrum Project is located at the intersection of these major structures and is seen as having significant mineralisation potential.

Supporting this is the discrete, coherent >250 ppb MMI (Mobile Metal Ion) copper soil anomaly which is also associated with the FSZ within the area of the Spectrum Project area.

It is strongest on the margins of the Vesper AEM anomaly, extending to the south-east.

Interplay of multiple elements

The Quantum REE-Au-Ag mineralisation has not been effectively drill tested with mineralisation defined over a 500m strike and is open to both the north and south.

Given that the known mineralisation is hosted on the FSZ, there is up to 8km of strike extent of potential mineralisation hosting structure to drill test.

The interplay of copper soil anomaly, a strong EM anomaly, known REE-Au mineralisation hosted on the same structure in a structurally favourable location is suggestive of a complex base metal + REE-Au mineralised system.

Drill testing to follow

DeSoto Managing Director Chris Swallow said: “The company is methodically thinking and working its way through a complex structural system which has the potential to host a significant Rare Earth and/or Base Metal deposit.

 “The company is integrating its regional model with targeted geophysics and soil geochemistry to produce high-quality targets to be drill tested in the upcoming 2024 field season.”



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