Desert Metals Set To Start Adzope Gold Project Exploration After Securing Permit

Desert Metals Ltd (ASX:DM1) is set to start a program of channel sampling, soil sampling and reverse circulation (RC) drilling at the Adzope Gold Project in Côte d’Ivoire, West Africa.

This follows the grant of exploration permit PR0960 covering ~230 square kilometres for Desert Metals’ joint venture partner African Ressources SARL at this key gold project.

Desert Metals is earning up to an 80% interest in the Adzope Gold Project.

Significant step forward

Desert Metals Managing Director Stephen Ross said: “The granting of the Adzope license is a significant step forward in our plans to discover and develop multi-million-ounce gold deposits in Côte d’Ivoire.  

“Desert Metals is excited to be planning our initial gold exploration activities at Adzope, as the project has never been subject to modern gold exploration.

“Extensive and broad alluvial gold mineralisation is evident across the entire permit area, including multiple deeper pits that appear to be small scale mining of in situ bedrock-hosted quartz veins.”

Planned activities

Community consultation has commenced in the northeast of the permit in preparation for mapping, channel sampling of the artisanal pits and soil sampling.

Desert Metals will also conduct a program of auger and/or aircore drilling across certain sections of the weathered pits and alluvial plains.

These are being actively processed for alluvial gold by the artisanal workers to establish the grade and genesis of this extensive gold mineralisation.

Reverse circulation drilling will then be conducted across areas shown to exhibit wide zones of mineralised quartz veins.

Immediate targets are ready

Ross added: “There is a +2km long sequence of artisanal gold operations in the northeast of the licence and this provides an extensive and immediate target for exploration and drilling.

“We confirmed this target during recent reconnaissance visits to the project earlier this year.

“Now that the exploration licence has been received we are making final preparations to commence soil sampling followed by drilling programs, which will mark the start of what we expect to be a busy H2 CY2024 as our exploration in Cote d’Ivoire continues to ramp up.”



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