Critical Resources Achieves Strong Results in Mavis Lake Lithium Trials

Critical Resources Ltd (ASX: CRR) has achieved strong results from preliminary ore sorting test work on ore from its Mavis Lake Lithium Project in Canada.

The ore sorting achieved a 150% increase in contained lithia (Li2O) from 0.65% Li2O in the feed to 1.63% Li2O in the sorter product.

Furthermore, the dynamic XRT sorting trial successfully separated waste rock from pegmatite.

Notably, 98% of waste rock reported to rejects, while 99% of spodumene was recovered to sorter product.


CRR has been working closely with Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC) and STARK Resources to complete mineralogy and ore sorting investigations to assess the amenability of Mavis Lake ore to pre-concentration by ore sorting.

Pre-concentrating mined ore in the coarse, dry phase creates opportunities to reduce processing costs and increase spodumene production.

A 150kg sample was chosen in order to focus on the range of lithologies evident at Mavis Lake.

The results have shown that Mavis Lake ore is highly amenable to both waste rock separation and pre-concentration through the use of ore sorting technologies, warranting further test work.

Potential operational benefits

CRR Managing Director Alex Cheeseman said: “The results from our first ore sorting trials are outstanding!

 “The results show that incorporating ore sorting into the flow sheet for Mavis Lake has the potential to improve the consistency and quality of our spodumene concentrate product, while also offering potential operational benefits including widening the feed envelope to include multiple sources of raw material, as well as possible reductions in the project footprint”

 The company had cash of A$3.4 million at the end of the March quarter.



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