Critical Minerals Group Upgrades Lindfield Resource, Adds Molybdenum To The Mix

Critical Minerals Group Ltd (ASX:CMG) has upgraded the mineral resource estimate (MRE) for its flagship Lindfield Project in Queensland.

The MRE has delivered a 96% increase in resource size to 713 million tonnes at 0.32% vanadium, 3.4% aluminium and 130 g/t molybdenum.

Importantly, the resource increase provides material for pilot scale and further metallurgical test work.

Near-surface resource

CMG Managing Director Scott Winter said: “Not only have we been able to increase the mineralised material estimate of vanadium and associated high purity alumina (HPA) but we have now added molybdenum to the resource estimate.

 “The upgrade to 713 Mt marks a 96% increase and is largely as a result of the inclusion of the TLBA mineralisation of the resource that sits at or near surface.”

Winter noted that the upgrade in the resource has flowed from the drilling performed in Q3 2023, the finalisation of the scoping study on the Lindfield Project and the ongoing metallurgical test work.

Next phase of studies

The metallurgical test work highlighted the superior performance of the TLBA mineralisation in upgrading its concentration through flotation.

The test work and modelling also highlighted the buildup of molybdenum in the circuit to economic levels.

With these inclusions, the overall planning, development and economics will be worked on further in the next phase of the feasibility studies.

The improvements to be added will include lower waste removal volumes, lower strip ratio, increased mineralised material, increased mine life potential and the potential for an additional revenue source through the production of molybdenum.



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