Corazon Mining Adds Three Zinc-Copper-Gold Deposits To Lynn Lake Project

Corazon Mining Ltd (ASX:CZN) has signed a deal to acquire three drill-defined zinc-copper-gold deposits near its Lynn Lake Nickel-Copper-Cobalt Project in Canada.

The three deposits add to Corazon’s existing portfolio of seven zinc-copper-gold deposits within the 100% owned Lynn Lake tenure in the province of Manitoba.

Watch: Corazon Mining MD Brett Smith Talks JustStocks Video Through New High Grade Zinc Acquisition In Canada

The Lynn Lake region has a history of mining and exploration for magmatic nickel sulphide, volcanogenic zinc-copper-gold massive sulphide (VMS) and orogenic gold, dating back to the late 1940’s.

MacBride Deposit

The high-grade MacBride Deposit is the most notable one among the three new acquisitions.

It has historically published metal endowment, with continuity from surface to ~300 metres drilled depth.

Drill highlights include 10.7 metres at 9.98% zinc and 0.56% copper from 32.9 metres.

Dual focus

Corazon has a dual exploration and development focus at Lynn Lake.

The core component of Corazon’s work is establishing a pathway for the redevelopment of the historical Lynn Lake Nickel Sulphide Mining Centre.

To achieve this, the initial mining and metallurgical studies are in the final stages of completion.

Concurrently, Corazon is also exploring the opportunity to mine high-grade zinc-copper-gold deposits at Lynn Lake.

“This VMS concept is about value”

Corazon Chairperson Terry Streeter said: “Our strategy for the Lynn Lake mining studies is to deliver low operational costs.

 “The knock-on effect of this is that with lower costs, there are lower cutoff grades, resulting in a much larger mining inventory for consideration, within the existing resource areas.

 “We don’t need more tonnes. This VMS concept is about value.

 “The grade we see in some of these zinc-copper deposits is very good, and we will seek to establish if this is value we can exploit up-front for a restart of mining at Lynn Lake.

 “Alternatively, we will explore whether the VMS deposits are better suited to mining later in the Project’s mine plan”.



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