Brookside Energy Moves To Fourth Well After Encountering Hydrocarbon Shows

Brookside Energy Ltd (ASX: BRK) has completed drilling the Fleury Well, which is part of the multi-well Flames-Maroons Development Plan (FMDP).

The well was drilled to a total measured depth of 13,115 feet in the core of the southern SCOOP Play in the Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma.

After reaching the total measured depth, the production casing was run in the lateral section of the well and successfully cemented in place.

Rocket Well

Following the Fleury Well drilling, the rig was walked to the nearby Flames Pad and started drilling the Rocket Well.

The Rocket Well, the fourth and final well of the FMDP program, is now at a depth of 630 feet.

Brookside said that all operations are continuing safely, on budget and on time.

Natural pathways for oil and gas

The Fleury Well was drilled in a thick, undrained portion of the Woodford Formation within a structurally complex area.

As a result, the Fleury Well encountered numerous fracture swarms as it traversed the flank of a notable structural feature.

These areas of intense fracturing are important because they often act as natural pathways for oil and gas migration and production.

Supporting this notion, there were several hydrocarbon shows during the drilling of the lateral.

Multi-well drilling program

The FMDP is a multi-well drilling program targeting the highly productive Sycamore Lime and Woodford Shale formations in the SCOOP area.

Of the four wells in the multi-well drilling program, three were drilled from the Sanford Pad: the Fleury, Maroons, and Iginla wells.

The final well, the Rocket Well, is currently being drilled from the Flames Well pad.



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