Brightstar Resources Adds 70,000 Ounces To Menzies Gold Resource

Brightstar Resources Ltd (ASX:BTR) has reported a maiden resource at the Aspacia deposit, adding 70,000 ounces to its Menzies Gold Project in Western Australia.

This brings the company’s total resources at Menzies to 595,000 ounces, a ~20% increase since it acquired the project in May 2023.

With this addition, Brightstar boasts a consolidated gold resource of over 1.1 million ounces across its Menzies and Laverton Gold Projects.

Potential for underground operation

At Aspacia, mineralisation remains open at depth and along strike.

Brightstar plans further drilling programs to grow and upgrade the resource, potentially leading to a high-grade underground mining operation.

Brightstar Managing Director Alex Rovira said: “The results from the previous drilling and the MRE output utilising a typical underground mining economic cut-off grade indicates to Brightstar that strong potential exists to assess a modest-scale underground operation at Aspacia given the grades and widths observed.”

Exploration history

The Menzies area has a long history of mining and exploration, with production starting in 1895.

Between 1895 and 1943 approximately 643,000 ounces averaging 22.5 g/t gold were produced from underground mines.

Aspacia was found after the main Menzies deposits such as Lady Shenton and First Hit, with records suggesting mining occurring some 30-40 years after the initial gold rush.

Next steps

Brightstar is finalising plans for a substantial drilling program commencing in June 2024.

This program will target both the Menzies project (Link Zone, Lady Shenton System) and the Laverton project (Cork Tree Well).

Brightstar aims to upgrade the resource to ore reserves, a significant step in the ongoing pre-feasibility study.

“Encouragingly, the Selkirk-First Hit-Lady Shenton trend seems to be distinct to that of the Aspacia deposit, which may lead to similar repetitions north and south of Aspacia and warrants further follow up exploration which we’ll target in our upcoming drilling programs set to re-commence this quarter,” added Rovira.



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