Boss Energy Ltd Paves Way For First Production Of Uranium This Quarter

Boss Energy Ltd (ASX: BOE; OTCQX: BQSSF) is excited to announce significant progress in advancing its Honeymoon project towards uranium production.

The successful start of commissioning the first Ion-Exchange (IX) circuit within the processing plant marks a key milestone.

The testing of this crucial circuit ensures that the project remains on track in terms of schedule and budget. Additionally, modifications and refurbishments of re-agent systems have been completed successfully, allowing the project to run continuously, 24/7.

Boss Managing Director, Duncan Craib, emphasized the importance of this achievement, highlighting the company’s trajectory towards producing its first drum of yellowcake this quarter.

He also underscored the efficiency gained from having an in-house design, construction, and commissioning team.

The IX circuit, central to the processing plant, promises enhanced efficiency in uranium capture, concentration, and purification compared to previous methods.

Once testing is completed, the system will undergo further processes to produce a high-quality saleable uranium oxide product.

Furthermore, pre-commissioning activities including modifications to drying and packing areas, precipitation areas, and reagent systems have been successfully carried out.

Currently, the commissioned plant includes safety measures, water treatment facilities, injection/extraction wells, and more, positioning Boss Energy for continued success as it progresses towards full-scale production.

With these advancements, Boss Energy is poised to capitalize on the opportunities presented by the recent surge in uranium prices, affirming its position as a significant player in the industry.


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