Bluechiip Secures Major Order From Global Pharma Giant

Bluechiip Limited (ASX:BCT), a leader in advanced sample management solutions, has secured an expansion sale from a prominent biotech company on the West Coast of the USA.

The unnamed client, one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, has extended its use of Bluechiip’s Advanced Sample Management Solutions.

Initially, a laboratory on the West Coast was equipped with a Bluechiip starter kit, including readers, consumables, and software, in February.

Consequently, the latest order will outfit adjacent laboratories with Bluechiip technology.

This additional sale supports Bluechiip’s strategy to expand across the client’s multiple facilities in North America.

“Land and expand”

Bluechiip Managing Director Andrew McLellan. “This is in line with Bluechip’s strategy, to ‘land and expand’, within our target market.

“We are delighted to see one of our global pharma clients, who was only Bluechiip Enabled in February, expand their use of Bluechiip.

“This is based on the positive productivity and quality results achieved. It was very pleasing to visit the customer recently and engage with over 15 individuals across multiple divisions who all see significant opportunities to improve productivity, quality, and processes with Bluechiip.

“There is a key desire to accelerate the adoption of Bluechiip technology and we are seeing this across our key pharmaceutical clients.”

Strategic review update

Recently. the company has kicked off a strategic review, exploring partnerships, investments, or a possible sale, targeting parties in North America and Europe.

To this end, the company has engaged Cogent Venture Partners to assist in the process and has also commenced cash management actions in North America and Australia.

Additionally, Bluechiip has mutually agreed with the Department of Industry, Science and Resources to terminate the Supply Chain Resilience Initiative Grant program.

About Bluechiip

 Bluechiip focuses on managing biospecimens with its advanced sample management solution – the only system providing sample temperature with ID in cryogenic environments.

The company’s patented technology is a MEMS-based wireless tracking solution without electronics.

It advances beyond traditional tracking methods such as handwritten labels, pre-printed labels, barcodes, and Radio Frequency Identification.

Bluechiip tags are embedded or integrated into storage products like vials or bags, allowing easy identification and critical information, such as sample temperature, to be detected by readers and stored in Bluechiip’s software.

This technology operates in extreme temperatures and withstands autoclaving, gamma irradiation sterilisation, humidification, centrifuging, cryogenic storage, and frosting.



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