Black Canyon To Drill After High Grade Manganese Discovery

Black Canyon (ASX: BCA) has tasted success at its Balfour Manganese Field collecting high-grade rock chip samples from Wandanya in Western Australia.

The results included 58.5%, 57.9%, 57.8%, and 53.3% manganese.

The main body of mineralisation at the Wandanya – W2 prospect is 300m long and 150m wide and the northern extension is 1,750m long.

Heritage surveys are scheduled to commence over the Wandanya Project in late June.

Drilling will commence next quarter after the completion of a Heritage Survey.

This will test a previously completed detailed sampling campaign, which returned several high-grade manganese samples, between 80 and 100m.

No previous drilling has been undertaken on the targets at Wandanya.


The grade of the samples and similarities at W2 prospect in a geological setting to the Woodie Woodie manganese mine could prove interesting.

Woodie Woodie has multiple orebodies ranging in size from 50,000t to 5Mt with an average deposit size of approximately 500,000t.

There is scope within the W2 prospect and along strike to find smaller tonnage, medium to high-grade manganese deposits.

Black Canyon has the largest contained Manganese deposits in Western Australia with 33.1 million tonnes of contained Mn in its tenements.

Scoping study

Meanwhile, a scoping study over the KR1 and KR2 deposits within the Balfour Manganese Field is well advanced.

The results of the study are due by the end of the June quarter of 2024.

Manganese price

The benchmark ore prices continue to rise rapidly.

The 44% Mn benchmark price at the end of March was US$4.20/dmtu and has since risen to over US$7.00/dmtu.




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