Biome Clocks Record Sales Revenue In FY24

Biome Australia Ltd (ASX:BIO) has delivered a record full-year sales revenue of ~A$13 million for FY24, up 80% compared to the previous corresponding period (PCP) in FY23.

Concurrently, the microbiome health company clocked its strongest half to date as well with ~A$7 million in revenue, up 82% Vs PCP.

Meanwhile, the June quarter didn’t fail to deliver also, hitting record revenues of ~$A3. 8 million, up 88% Vs PCP.

Looking ahead, this gives Biome an annualised sales-revenue run rate of ~$15 million (ARR), placing the company in a strong position as it kicks off FY25.

Biome’s record increase in sales revenue

FY25 – another strong year

Biome Australia’s Founder and Managing Director Blair Vega Norfolk said: “I am delighted to share Biome’s significant growth in sales revenue for the financial year 2024, up 80% versus the financial year 2023.

“I am thrilled with my team’s performance in developing key accounts, driving growth, and providing industry-leading customer service, support, and education throughout the year.

“The $15m run-rate going into FY25 bodes well for another strong year for Biome.

“I look forward to sharing the detailed analysis of the company’s financial performance and Vision 27 during Q1 FY25.”

About Biome

Biome Australia develops, licenses, commercialises and markets innovative, evidence-based live biotherapeutics (probiotics) and complementary medicines.

Incorporated in Australia in 2018, Biome distributes locally and abroad in partnership with some of the world’s leading organisations in microbiome research and development.

Notably, Biome produced several unique live biotherapeutics (probiotic) products with innovative delivery technologies.

Consequently, this improves their stability and efficacy to create its flagship range of complementary medicines: Activated Probiotics.



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