Ava Risk Group Wins US Contract To Supply Intrusion Detection Technology

Ava Risk Group Ltd (ASX:AVA) has won a contract to supply its Aura Ai-X intrusion detection technology to three electricity substations on the East Coast of the US.

The contract, valued at over A$0.7 million, has been awarded by Johnson Controls, the system integrator for the substation projects.

Ava will shortly supply the detection equipment to the sites.

Protecting energy infrastructure

The contract demonstrates the ongoing demand for Ava’s ‘Detect’ solutions from the US power sector as operators look to combat physical attacks on critical infrastructure and mitigate service disruption.

It builds on Ava’s recent success in providing intrusion detection technology to critical energy infrastructure in North America.

Key priority for power authorities

Ava CEO Mal Maginnis said: “With increasing attacks on substations across the US, implementing security technology to protect infrastructure from vandalism, suspicious activity and physical attack has become a key priority for power authorities.

“We’re pleased that our intrusion detection technology has again been selected to protect these substations and are confident that our footprint in this market will continue to grow as new sites are added to the power grid.”

About Ava

Ava Risk Group is a global leader in providing technologies and services to protect critical and high-value assets and infrastructure.

It operates three business segments – Detect, Access and Illuminate.

The Detect segment manufactures and markets ‘smart’ fibre optic sensing systems for security and condition monitoring for a range of applications including perimeters, pipelines, conveyors, power cables and data networks.

Access is a specialist in the development, manufacture and supply of high security biometric readers, security access control and electronic locking products.

Illumination specialises in the development and manufacture of illuminators, ANPR cameras and perimeter detectors.



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