Australian Critical Minerals Caps Off Mapping And Sampling At Pilbara Iron Targets

Australian Critical Minerals Ltd (ASX:ACM) is targeting iron ore prospectivity with its mapping and sampling program completed at the Cooletha and Shaw Projects in the Pilbara.

During the program, the company has identified channel iron deposits (CID) stratigraphy with an approximately 42-kilometre strike length at Cooletha.

Meanwhile, at Shaw, a Banded Iron Formation (BIF) of over nine kilometres was identified, further enhancing the iron ore potential of the project.

Parallelly, ACM has also recorded a sizeable radiometric anomaly in the northern part of the Shaw tenement, which presents a potential uranium exploration target.

Enhancing potential strike lengths

ACM managing director Dean de Largie said: “We have been keen to investigate the iron ore potential across our large Pilbara portfolio, to follow up historic sampling.

“The recent rock-chip sampling at Cooletha and Shaw has been successful in enhancing the potential strike lengths of both CID and BIF occurrences.

“We will assess the results of the program and look forward to sharing the updates with our shareholders.

“In the meantime, we are planning a new phase of exploration including grid sampling of the CID outcrops at Cooletha and systematic sampling of the extensive BIF at Shaw.

Forward plan

The following work programs at Shaw and Cooletha include:

  • grid sampling of the CID outcrops and scree slopes at Cooletha;
  • systematic sampling of the extensive broad BIF horizons identified recently at Shaw;
  • field investigation of the Shaw radiometric anomaly;
  • initial sampling and possibly ground geophysics at northern Shaw; and
  • reduction of the tenement size at Shaw to focus on areas that have higher prospectivity.



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