Aurora Labs Produces Gas Turbine Engine Utilising 3D Metal Printed Components

Aurora Labs Ltd (ASX: A3D) announced the manufacture of an Australian Gas Turbine Engine with 3D Metal Printed Parts.

The shares traded on heavy volume with an intra-day high of $0.34.

The design, print, and testing of the company’s 200N Class gas turbine engine comprised 3D metal printed and sovereign-built parts.

The engine operates and compares in function and performance requirements to comparable engines built by traditional manufacturing methods.

The advantage of the Aurora engine is fewer complex parts, that result in a fast and reliable assembly process, without compromising on performance.

The company has the 3D printing machines and expertise to carry out production runs of the engine, onshore in Australia.

Benchmarks met

Rebekah Letheby, chief executive officer, commented:

“The team has manufactured an advanced product in under 4 months.

“The turbine engine design and printing has successfully met benchmarks for laboratory prototype testing, which is at the cutting edge of high energy 3D metal printing of components.

Aurora’s goal is to have a cutting-edge piece of technology to sell to the sizeable defence and aerospace markets.

Engine 101

A micro gas turbine is a combustion engine at the centre of a small propulsion system or power plant that can convert natural gas or other liquid fuels to mechanical energy.

The turbine is required in applications including unmanned aerial vehicles or instant power generation.

First mover advantage

The engine demonstrated the capability of sustained firing, thrust, and fuel efficiency data captured to share with select customers.

As a first mover, Aurora continues to fast-track turbine designs in the Australian market with increased power for 400N Class gas turbine engines.

The larger 400N Class gas turbine will further enhance the market opportunities for large-scale applications in the unmanned aerial vehicle sector where small turbines can be utilised as propulsion systems.

Ongoing turbine application discussions with customers in target markets of defence and aerospace continue with positive responses.




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