Aurora Labs joins forces with Turbine MachineGenes for AI collab

Aurora Labs Ltd (ASX:A3D) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Turbine MachineGenes to apply AI in the 3D printing process of Aurora’s micro gas turbines.

An Australian Artificial AI outfit, TurboGenes is applying globally novel forms of evolutionary machine learning- inspired by evolving ecosystems (not neural networks) – to industrial problems.

In particular, it has successfully developed technology to generate and interpret fully explainable physics-based digital twins of complex machines such as engines.

How it works? It does this by evolving the engine digital twins in a virtual environment as if they were living organisms.

Aurora Labs has had a strong run on the bourse the past month, up 41.67% to A$0.085.

A3D share price chart

“Super-charge our capabilities”

Turbine MachineGenes will work with Aurora Labs to apply its novel evolutionary AI machine learning to report quantitatively on the emerging field of 3D printing of quality, ‘mission-critical’, turbine parts.

A3D CEO Rebekah Letheby said: “The machine learning available from Turbine MachineGenes which can be applied to our 3D printed micro gas turbines will play an important part in gaining the confidence of the end user that 3D printed engines can work at the highest level of reliability and performance, backed by dependable science-based reporting.

“The unique way that this particular machine learning ecosystem works will super-charge our capabilities to bring a improved product to market with new designs and improvements for micro gas turbine efficiency.”

MoU Summary

At the outset, the MoU sets out the areas of collaboration for both Aurora Labs and Turbine MachineGenes to exchange information regarding AI technologies.

This includes the application of AI to sensor data for the use of building a digital twin to assess 3D-printed micro gas turbine engines and parts.

Notably, this will help benchmark 3D printed micro gas turbines in terms of performance, longevity and reliability

The MOU has a two-year term and can be terminated at any time by either party.



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