Aurora Labs Advances Defence & Aerospace Partnerships with 3D Printing

Aurora Labs Limited (ASX: A3D) is moving ahead with collaborations in the defence and aerospace sectors, leveraging its industrial print services for crucial component production.

The company specialises in industrial technology and innovation, particularly in the realm of 3D metal printing, digital parts, and associated intellectual property.

Key Points

  • A3D is accelerating the production of defence components for Chiron Global Tech’s second-phase testing.
  • Discussions with defence and aerospace clients are ongoing, and receiving positive feedback.
  • CEO Rebekah Letheby highlights the swift progress in designing parts for additive manufacturing, with successful mechanical testing underway.
  • A3D is currently 3D printing hardware components for Chiron Global Tech’s carbon fibre suit, aiming to scale up manufacturing.
  • The company is poised to offer cutting-edge 3D printing technology to the defence and aerospace markets, alongside producing parts for serial applications.
  • Collaboration with customers like Chiron Global Tech enhances A3D’s capabilities in machine engineering and part printing, particularly for high-spec applications.

Industrial Printing Services

A3D is employing design for additive manufacturing (DfAM) processes, 3D printing, and mechanical testing in collaboration with Chiron Global Tech.

The partnership focuses on integrating printed components into the Chiron-X1 advanced training suit, with rapid iterations enabled by 3D printing technology.

This approach streamlines production efficiency, reduces component weight, and ensures mechanical strength, showcasing the advantages of 3D printing.

Defence Industry Engagement, Next Steps:

A3D plans to visit Canberra in May to meet defence clients and share data from ongoing testing of specific defence parts for aerospace applications.

The company aims to continue promoting 3D printing and additive manufacturing solutions to enterprises of all sizes in the defence and aerospace sectors.

Additionally, A3D is progressing towards delivering the first AL250 printer and advancing the Multi-layer Concurrent Printing (MCP) prototype.

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