Audalia Resources Secures Environmental Approval For Medcalf Project

Audalia Resources Ltd (ASX:ACP) has received primary environmental approval for its Medcalf Project in Western Australia.

With the approval in hand, the company now plans to progress negotiations with potential offtake partners and seek to secure company or project-level financing.

The Medcalf Project is a vanadium, titanium and iron play situated some 470 kilometres southeast of Perth near Lake Johnson.

Approval highlights

Audalia referred the proposal to develop the Medcalf Project to the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) in 2017.

Subsequently, the EPA completed an extensive environmental impact assessment of the Medcalf Project proposal.

The process included public comment and public review periods and subsequently made recommendations to the Minister for Environment.

Consequently, the decision to approve the implementation of the Medcalf Project was made by the Minister for Environment in consultation with the Minister for Water, Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and Minister for Mines and Petroleum.

What’s more, the proposal was determined on January 9, 2018 not to be a controlled action under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.

Focus on remaining approvals

Audalia executive director Siew Swan Ong said: “We are pleased to have secured primary environmental approval of the Company’s 100% owned and operated flagship project.

“Audalia can now focus on securing the remaining regulatory approvals and permits required to support development of the Medcalf Project.”

About Medcalf Project

At the outset, Medcalf Project represents a low cost high-margin development opportunity for Audalia

Covering 24 square kilometres, the project comprises one granted mining lease M63/656 and two granted exploration licenses E63/1133, and E63/1134.

Importantly, the mineral resource at Medcalf Project is 32 million tonnes grading 49.2% Fe2O3, 0.47% V2O5 and 8.98% TiO2.

Geographically, the project lies at the southern end of the Archaean Lake Johnston greenstone belt.



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