Atomo Diagnostics Delivers Revenue From Growing Demand For HIV Self-Testing

Atomo Diagnostics Ltd (ASX: AT1) has tapped the growing need for consumers to self-test to manage HIV.

The company develops, manufactures, and supplies innovative rapid tests and test devices for Point-of-Care and self-test/consumer markets.

This business strategy is adding to Atomo’s revenues, with the company winning purchase orders from Viatris Healthcare Pty Ltd for A$970,000 worth of HIV Self-Tests.

Atomo manufactures the tests under the Mylan brand for supply to several Low-and Middle-Income Countries.

The orders are for manufacture during H2 of FY24.

There is increasing awareness and adoption of consumer HIV self-tests through mainstream retail channels. As the public health sector recognises the advantages of self-testing to manage HIV.

Atomo’s products offer a significant growth opportunity as the market continues to shift to decentralised and at-home testing post-pandemic.

For H1 FY24, normalised revenue doubled period on period to $1.92 million, suggesting increasing demand for Atomo products and technology.

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