ASX Weekly ETF Gainers Dominated By Commodity Funds

Returns from commodities outpaced the rest of the Australian Exchange Traded Fund market over the past week. While ETFs that held U.S. holdings had a reasonable week but were outside the biggest gainers.

Silver and gold funds have outpaced much of the Australian ETF market over the past week.

Fund manager Global X sparkled with three of the top five performing ETFs.

Global X’s Physical Silver ETF (ASX: ETPMAG) was the top-performing fund, returning 8.2%. In second place was Betashares Global Gold Miners Currency Hedged ETF (ASX: MNRS) with a 6.2% gain.

VanEck’s Gold Miners ETF (ASX: GDX) came in third place, returning 5.4%.

In fourth place was Global X’s Physical Precious Metals Basket ETF (ASX: ETPMPM) with a gain of 4.5%. As the price of palladium surged, it lifted Global X’s Physical Palladium ETF (ASX: ETPMPD) into fifth place returning 4.3%.

Regarding fund inflows, fund manager Betashares’ Australia 200 ETF (ASX: A200) took first place, raking in $179.6 million in funds. The popularity of the fund that mimics the top 200 ASX-listed companies by float-adjusted market capitalisation continues unabated.




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