Askari Metals Drills High-Grade Rare Earth At Red Peak

Askari Metals Ltd (ASX: AS2) has identified high-grade rare earth from auger drilling at the Red Peak Project in the Gascoyne Region of Western Australia.

The results include total rare earth oxide (TREO) results up to 4505 ppm TREO with 15 results greater than 766 ppm TREO.

Light and heavy rare earths

Askari collected a total of 801 auger drilling samples on a 500m x 500m grid.

These samples revealed significant and high-grade rare earth element (REE) mineralisation for both “light” and “heavy” rare earth element groups.

Light rare earth element results were dominated by cerium, lanthanum and praseodymium.

Meanwhile, the heavy rare earths included samarium, europium, gadolinium and dysprosium.

Follow-up infill auger drilling

Askari Managing Director Gino D’Anna said: “The results of the auger drilling campaign at Red Peak have provided a significant number of high-grade REE mineralised surface results with notable high maximum results achieved by some metals like Cerium, Samarium, Gadolinium and Europium.

“This dataset has identified areas to focus on more closely with a follow-up infill auger drilling sampling campaign.”

REE liberation

D’Anna noted that rare earth element exploration requires an in-depth knowledge of the host lithology and how the REE’s can be liberated.

Recognising this, the company is planning to conduct more detailed work focusing on REE liberation and will engage suitable industry experts to advance the project.

Nearology play

The Red Peak project is located immediately southeast of the Mt Clere REE-Niobium project owned by Krakatoa Resources Ltd (ASX: KTA).

Importantly, both projects share the same geological features and boast similar mineralisation potential.



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