Asian Battery Metals Kicks Off Drilling At Mongolian Copper-Nickel Prospect

Asian Battery Metals PLC (ASX:AZ9) has kicked off its phase 1 diamond drilling program at its Oval Copper-Nickel Prospect, situated within the Yambat Project in Mongolia.

The objective of the drill program is to confirm the continuation of mineralisation to depth and along strike at the prospect.

Notably, the mineralisation was initially was discovered during a scout drilling program in 2023.

Looking ahead, the phase one program is first of two phases of drilling to advance copper and nickel exploration at the Oval prospect.

Appointment of technical consultant

Meanwhile, the company appointed industry veteran Bob Dennis to the role of technical consultant.

Dennis comes with over 45 years of experience in the fields of mineral exploration, feasibility, due diligence, resource audit, geologic review, mine geology, mining and metallurgical management.

He has provided strategic exploration and project development advice in grassroots, brownfield and mine-based projects for base, precious, and battery metals across the world.

About the Project

The Oval Cu-Ni (Yambat) project is situated 1100 kilometres from the Mongolian capital of Ulaanbaatar.

The project is secured by a 100-square-kilometre mineral exploration tenement in the southwestern part of the country in the Gobi-Altai Province.

Situated nine kilometres from an all-season access paved public road, the project is a new discovery of a magmatic copper-nickel sulphide mineral system.



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