Anteris Technologies Hails Positive Data For DurAVR Heart Valve

Anteris Technologies Ltd (ASX:AVR) has revealed positive data from the first-in-human (FIH) study of its DurAVR transcatheter heart valve (THV), which is shaped to mimic the native human aortic valve.

This balloon-expandable, single-piece valve has shown optimal performance when deployed with the ComASUR Delivery System.

Improved haemodynamic performance

The DurAVR THV is the first transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) using a single piece of bioengineered tissue.

Data from the latest cohort of 13 patients, all successfully implanted with the DurAVR THV, have confirmed the performance of the ComASUR Delivery System ahead of the pivotal Phase 3 registration study for DurAVR THV.

ComASUR allowed for controlled deployment and precise alignment of the DurAVR THV with patients’ native aortic valves, demonstrating improved haemodynamic performance compared to earlier cohorts.

Highly differentiated product

Anteris Technologies Chief Executive Officer Wayne Paterson said: “The DurAVR THV and the ComASUR Delivery System were designed in partnership with our Medical Advisory Board to deliver a highly differentiated, new class (biomimetic) of valve which can be easily deployed via a balloon expandable platform.

 “This latest data confirms the DurAVR™ THV System (valve and delivery system) can deliver market leading haemodynamic performance in an intuitive, easy to use, balloon expandable platform.”

Unique technology

DurAVR THV is made using ADAPT tissue, Anteris’ patented anti-calcification tissue technology.

ADAPT tissue has been used clinically for over 10 years and distributed for use in over 55,000 patients worldwide.

The ComASUR Delivery System was designed to provide controlled deployment and accurate placement of the DurAVR THV with balloon-expandable delivery.

This allows precise alignment with the heart’s native commissures to achieve optimal valve positioning.



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