Anteotech Gains After Battery Technology Achieves Technical Milestone

AnteoTech Ltd (ASX: ADO) has achieved 1,000 charge & discharge cycles with +70% energy retention for a silicon anode incorporating its Anteo X additive.

Anteo X is a powerful cross-linker additive that reinforces battery binders in silicon-containing anodes and boosts their performance.

The company’s shares surged ~14% on Wednesday following the announcement, closing at A$0.024.

Critical technical milestone

AnteoTech has been working with a partner for ~9 months involving a range of tests that have also been replicated by an independent laboratory.

This work has included the incorporation of Anteo X into a proprietary high-silicon anode.

A critical technical milestone has now been achieved with this anode exceeding the 1,000 charge and discharge cycle mark while maintaining over 70% of the cell’s starting capacity.

26% improvement in battery cycle life

The anode containing Anteo X also demonstrated a greater than 26% (200+ cycles) improvement in battery performance.

The performance of the anode was a significant improvement upon the customer’s existing benchmark at the same 70% threshold value.

AnteoTech CEO and Managing Director David Radford said: “This latest customer data represents an exceptional technical achievement, with the high silicon anode containing Anteo X demonstrating 1,000 charge and discharge cycles, combined with a further 26% improvement in battery cycle life.”

First production-scale batch

AnteoTech has initiated the first production-scale batch of Anteo X in its facility at Eight Mile Plains, Queensland.

The initial batches will be used for external validations that are currently underway as well as internal development work.

Plans for scaling up the processes are well-advanced and will be implemented as commercial demand builds.  



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