Anson Resources Teams With Koch Technology Solutions For Pilot Testing At Green River

Anson Resources Ltd (ASX:ASN) has signed an agreement with Koch Technology Solutions (KTS) for testing of a Li-Pro Lithium Selective Sorption (LSS) pilot unit using brine from the Green River Lithium Project in Utah, USA.

The pilot will be jointly funded by Anson and an investment from KTS through a convertible note as the companies work to develop a further commercial relationship.

Exceptional lithium recovery

KTS completed their detailed treatability study in May 2024 using brine from Anson Resources’ Green River Lithium Project.

KTS’ testing has indicated exceptional results for lithium recovery and element rejection rates and suggests superior results to those achieved in Anson Resources’ Definitive Feasibility Study.

Commissioning the pilot unit

Anson is in the process of determining any revisions to CAPEX and OPEX from the results achieved.

Through the new partnership, the companies aim to expedite the commissioning of the pilot unit.

Results from the pilot unit, if successful, will provide detailed feasibility engineering and cost data for deployment of the full-scale Li-Pro process at the Green River Lithium Project’s lithium extraction facility.

The pilot unit is expected to be operational in July 2024 at Anson Resources’ private land in Green River, Utah and will run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the next two to four months.

The unit will process fresh brine from the company’s Bosydaba#1 well into lithium chloride, replicating commercial production conditions.

Step-change for the company

Anson Executive Chairman and CEO Bruce Richardson said: “Partnering with one of the USA’s preeminent technology providers, KTS, a leader in delivering commercialized lithium extraction processes, significantly reduces project risk through their advanced technology and engineering experience.

 “Importantly, our recent drilling work at Bosydaba#11 provides the ability to supply fresh brine identical to real operating conditions.

 “This is a step-change for the company and will allow us to super-charge development, comparing the output of the existing DLE extraction and the KTS Li-Pro™ process to achieve the best results for our investors.”



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