Anson Resources Discovers High-Grade Gallium And Barium At Ajana Project

Anson Resources Ltd (ASX: ASN) has discovered extensive high-grade gallium and barium mineralisation at its Ajana Project in Western Australia.

These critical minerals have been discovered in association with zinc, lead, copper and silver in numerous historical drill holes at the Mary Springs and Ethel Maude prospects.

The historical samples assayed up to 34.4 g/t gallium.

Historical drilling results (Ethan Minerals release dated 25 June 2010).

Regolith assays

The historical drilling at Mary Springs did not assay (DNA) for indium or germanium, which were subsequently discovered at the Surprise and Ethel Maude Prospects.

In addition, DMIRS data from historical regolith geochemical mapping indicates gallium and barium assays over the entire Ajana Project area.

These regolith assays correlate with the drilling results obtained to date, indicating the potential for numerous critical mineral deposits across the entire Ajana Project area.

CEO comment

 Anson Executive Chairman and CEO Bruce Richardson said: “The widespread geochemical recordings of gallium and barium across the approx. 80 km2 of the Ajana project is interesting and when combined with the assay results from the Mary Springs, Chequers, Surprise and Ethel Maude prospects indicates that the is great potential to develop a mine to produce lead, zinc, silver and the strategic minerals barium, gallium, germanium, and indium which are used in the production of semi-conductors, LED screens and quantum computers, vital to the development of the future economy.”

China bans exports

Gallium is a soft metallic element used in semi-conductors, light emitting diodes (LEDs), mobile phones and nuclear engineering.

On 1 August 2023, China, which produces 98% of the world’s gallium and 92% of germanium, cancelled all exports thus weaponising supply and highlighting the need to secure safe and reliable sources of critical elements and minerals.

It is anticipated that USA and European semiconductor chip manufacturers will actively seek to establish long-term supply contracts with gallium suppliers outside of China, such as Australia.



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