AML3D Wins Another Order From US Navy Component Manufacturer

AML3D Ltd (ASX: AL3) has secured another metal 3D printing systems order from US Navy submarine component manufacturer Laser Welding Solutions (LWS).

The order for two additional ARCEMY Small Edition 2600 systems follows the successful commissioning of the systems ordered in September 2023.

Importantly, the new order is intended to help accelerate the qualification program for ARCEMY Nickel Aluminum Bronze (NAB) components for the US Navy’s Submarine Industrial base.

A$0.70 million lease

The two ARCEMY 2600s ordered by LWS are being supplied under a 12-month lease with an option to purchase the systems outright at any point during the lease term.

The lease is valued at circa A$0.70 million (US$0.46 million) and includes a 12-month software licensing and technical support.

The ARCEMY 2600s will be airfreighted from AML3D’s facility in Adelaide to LWS’ Texas base and are expected to be operational within 8 to 10 weeks.

US scale-up strategy

This second, larger LWS order demonstrates the continuing success of AML3D’s US scale-up strategy, which includes embedding ARCEMY systems with suppliers to the US Navy’s Submarine Industrial base.

As the largest additive manufacturing market in the world, the US is the most important growth market for AML3D.

The company plans to establish a US headquarters, manufacturing hub and sales team to better support its US customers and drive additional contract wins.

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AML3D CEO Sean Ebert said: “This new order for 2 additional ARCEMY© systems helps deepen our relationship with LWS and illustrates how important our advanced manufacturing technology is to the US Defence sector.”



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