American West Metals Identifies New Targets At Storm Copper Project

American West Metals Ltd (ASX: AW1) has made a breakthrough in exploration at its Storm Copper Project in Nunavut, Canada.

The 2024 high-powered Moving Loop Electromagnetic (MLEM) survey has identified numerous conductive anomalies throughout the Storm area.

This includes multiple anomalies that are adjacent to known copper deposits and mineralisation.

Maiden resource reported

The maiden resource for Storm, reported earlier this year, defined 17.5 million tonnes at 1.2% copper, 3.4 g/t silver.

Mineralisation starts at, or is very close to surface, and can potentially be accessed with open-pit mining.

American West had cash of A$11.8 million at the end of the March quarter.

“Compelling targets”

American West Managing Director Dave O’Neill said: “The scale and strength of some of the new anomalies, and the low false positive rate when using EM systems at Storm, make them compelling targets that are ready to be tested with drilling.

 “Drilling activities are also continuing in the Storm area, with the mobilisation of the second Reverse Circulation (RC) drilling rig currently underway.”

 O’Neill said that the ongoing drilling will aim to test these new exploration and resource targets, amongst others, in the coming weeks.

Next steps

  • Reverse Circulation (RC) drilling is in progress in the Storm area testing geophysical and resource targets. The second RC drill rig is currently being mobilised to site.
  • EM surveys are continuing at near-surface and deeper areas of interest within the Storm area. The surveys will then move to the Tornado and Blizzard copper prospect areas.
  • Planning is complete and preparations are underway for a broad range of environmental monitoring and survey activities during 2024.
  • Studies are progressing on a range of beneficiation processing methods on a variety of ores from the Cyclone and Chinook Deposits.
  • Mining and development studies are continuing.



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