Allup Silica Soars on Exceptional High-Purity Silica Sand Discovery

Allup Silica Ltd (ASX: APS) shares skyrocketed Thursday, more than doubling in price on high trading volume to $0.05.

This surge follows the release of exceptional test results for their silica sand from its exploration project in Western Australia, exceeding industry standards for high-purity applications.

Exceptional Purity Achieved

Bulk sample test work conducted by CDE Global yielded impressive results, with the silica sand reaching a purity of 99.84% silicon dioxide (SiO2) without the need for magnetic separation.

This significantly reduces contaminants like iron oxide (Fe2O3), aluminium oxide (Al2O3), and titanium dioxide (TiO2) using conventional processing techniques.

This high purity makes the sand highly valuable for specialized industries, such as:

  • Photovoltaics (solar panels)
  • High-tech manufacturing (tablet and mobile phone glass)
  • Optical fiber
  • Ceramics
  • Refractory materials
  • Glassmaking

Sparkler Project Potential

The test sample originated from Allup’s Sparkler Silica Exploration Project in Western Australia.

This project boasts a significant resource of 70 million tonnes of silica sand with an average grade of 96.84% SiO2, located on cleared farmland with the potential for nearby processing facilities.

Cabbage Spot Project Adds Promise

Further good news for Allup comes from their Cabbage Spot Silica Project, also located in Western Australia. Recent sampling identified extensive areas with high-purity silica sand.

All 43 surface samples returned grades exceeding 98% SiO2, with an average of 98.6%.

Notably, the best sample reached an impressive in-situ grade of 99.4% SiO2, showcasing the project’s top-tier quality.

Beneficiation test work is ongoing to assess the suitability of this silica sand for high-tech and photovoltaic applications.

Comments from Allup

Andrew Haythorpe, Chairperson of Allup Silica, described the bulk sample test work results as a “pivotal continuation and refinement” of their efforts to optimise processing methods.

This significant development positions Allup as a strong contender in the high-purity silica sand market.

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