Alligator Energy Starts Maiden Drill Program At Big Lake Uranium Project

Alligator Energy Ltd (ASX: AGE) has started its inaugural stratigraphic drill program at the Big Lake Uranium (BLU) Project South Australia.

The company is targeting redox (oxidation-reduction) controlled ‘roll front’ uranium mineralisation at the project in the Cooper Basin.

Big Lake Granite Suite

The potential uranium source for the BLU Project is interpreted to be from weathering/leaching of the underlying uranium-enriched Big Lake Granite Suite.

The suite was recognised initially from regional heat flow maps of Australia and elevated geothermal gradients in the Cooper Basin petroleum wells.

They were subsequently recognised in seismic data and later intersected in petroleum wells.

Unique source of uranium

Uranium from this potential source is interpreted to migrate via oxidised groundwater into permeable units and paleochannels within the basin.

Interestingly, hydrocarbons generated in the lower part of the basin are known to have transgressed stratigraphy and leaked into the upper parts.

This provides the reductant for uranium to precipitate from the groundwater.

Basic conceptual model for the Big Lake Project.

Numerous regional petroleum wells show traces of uranium throughout the sedimentary sequences of the basin, confirming the potential for mineralisation.

Additionally, recently acquired airborne electromagnetics and reprocessed seismic data demonstrate continuity and volume potential.

What’s next?

To achieve exploration success at the BLU Project, namely the identification of uranium mineralisation, Alligator is focused on:

  • Source rock – Big Lake Granite Suite and associated ‘Granite Wash Plays’.
  • Migration of uranium-bearing fluids into shallower parts of the Cooper Basin stratigraphy.
  • Presence of hydrocarbon reductants (Ch4/H2S) for redox reactions to occur.
  • Development, preservation and capping of permeable sedimentary sequences.

Status of testing of Big Lake conceptual exploration mode.



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