Alderan Resources To Drill For Copper-Gold In Utah While Lithium Sampling Advances In Brazil

Alderan Resources Ltd (ASX: AL8) is fast-tracking drill testing of the New Years copper-gold prospect at its Frisco project in Utah, USA.

Drill hole locations are being finalised ahead of permitting and site preparation.

Alderan is also progressing the stream sediment sampling program over its lithium project areas at Minas Gerais, Brazil which is expected to be completed next month.

The company had a bank balance of $1,313,683 as of 31 December 2023.

Utah copper exploration

In Utah, the precise locations and orientation of a planned three-hole diamond drilling program at the New Years copper-gold prospect are currently being finalised.

Alderanis is aiming to start drilling this quarter.

Brazil lithium exploration

Alderan started a stream sediment and reconnaissance rock sampling program over its lithium project areas in Minas Gerais in December 2023.

Before the Christmas-New Year holiday period in Brazil, sampling was completed over the Itambacuri and a portion of the Carai project areas.

The sampling program restarted in 2024 using the Brazil consulting group Adageo with up to four sampling teams each consisting of a geologist and field technician.

Progress has been good despite the impacts of extremely hot weather (days of +40oC) and locating landowners for access permission causing minimal delays.

Sampling more than 50% completed

Sampling is currently underway at Itaipe. The total number of sites sampled before Easter was 497 out of an estimated total of 970 covering all project areas.

Minas Novas stream sediment samples ready to be dispatched for analysis

The sampling pattern is relatively dense with sites located approximately every 1km along streams draining the project areas.

Pegmatite float and outcrop rocks which may be indicators for lithium are also being collected throughout the programme.

It is estimated that the sampling program will be completed in early May.

Prospective for rare earths

Samples are being progressively submitted to the ALS laboratory in Belo Horizontale, the state capital of Minas Gerais, for analysis and the first results are expected in the next few weeks.

At Curral de Dentro, alkaline intrusive rocks which may be prospective for rare earth elements were identified during field traversing.

Hence, the stream sediment samples from this area are also being assayed for rare earth elements.


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