Akora Resources Demonstrates Strong Progress At Madagascar Iron Ore Projects

Akora Resources Ltd (ASX:AKO) has continued to deliver strong progress at its flagship Bekisopa High-Grade Iron Ore Project in Madagascar, where it has just completed an infill program.

Subsequently, technical drilling is on the cards for the company to support a pre-feasibility study (PFS) that is underway at the project – scheduled in the coming fortnight.

The pre-feasibility study (PFS) for a start-up Stage 1 DSO operation at Bekisopa will produce up to 2 million tonnes per annum (Mtpa) of a high-grade +60% iron average grade lump and fines product for use by Steelmakers.

Nearby at Satrokala, the company is set to kick off its maiden exploration drilling program at the project next month.

A 1,000-metre drill program has been planned and is expected to kick off in July, providing the first drill hole results for this prospective region.

What’s next at Bekisopa

Further to the infill drilling program, geotechnical and hydrogeological drilling programs are also planned at Bekisopa for June and July to support the project’s PFS.

Geotechnical drilling will focus on providing the required rock and geological structural properties to allow for the mining and geotechnical design of the DSO open pits.

The hydrological drill rig will be drilling deep water monitoring holes in the north and southern resource areas to provide important information on the presence of sub-surface water which will be used to inform the mine design and environmental management plans developed through the PFS.

Maiden exploration at Satrokala

At Satrokala, plans are now in place to kick off its maiden drill exploration program in July.

To get the ball rolling, an initial 10 holes are planned to a depth of 100 metres each.

Assay results are scheduled for October 2024 to take account of drilling completion, transport and logistics and then assaying timelines.

“Visiting the Satrokala Project site, with its 10km long magnetic anomaly, was a highlight of the visit. With an environmental permit for early exploration works approved at the project, I am very excited to have committed to the maiden exploration drill program which will get started in July,” said GM Jaison Whittle



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