Adherium Raising Up To A$8.37M To Fast-Track Hailie Smartinhaler In The US

Adherium Ltd (ASX: ADR) is raising up to A$8.37 million to fast-track the US commercialisation of its Hailie Smartinhaler technology.

The company has already secured commitments to raise A$1.57 million via a share placement to sophisticated and professional investors at A$0.02 per share.

Adherium has also launched an entitlement offer for existing shareholders to subscribe for up to A$6.8 million worth of shares at A$0.02 each.

Hailie platform

Adherium’s Hailie platform solution provides healthcare providers and patients access to remotely monitor medication usage parameters and adherence.

This supports reimbursement for qualifying patient management.

Respiratory health portfolio

Adherium has 12 US FDA (510K) cleared inhalation sensors in the market.

Importantly, these drug-agnostic sensors cover the US top 20 branded inhaler medications by sales volume.

Adherium CEO Dr Paul Mastoridis said: “Adherium is entering a defining phase in its commercial development.

“We are extending the reach and impact of our world-class respiratory health product portfolio within the US, the largest healthcare market in the world. “

Market penetration strategy

Adherium’s Hailie Smartinhaler technology has multiple FDA clearances and US reimbursement codes now in place.

Mastoridis said the company has a clear and focused US engagement and market penetration strategy.

This strategy prioritises manufacturing activities and sales via established pharmaceutical and payer groups.

Funds raised will be used for R&D, sales, marketing & business development, overseas expansion & staffing, and customer onboarding & scale-up.




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