Adavale To Kick Off Uranium Drilling In South Australia

Adavale Resources Ltd (ASX:ADD) is advancing towards an extensive aircore drilling program to test priority uranium targets at the Marree Embayment in South Australia.

To kick things off, the company is finalising drilling and survey contracts ahead of the exploration program at its MacDonnell Creek and George Creek prospects.

In addition, Adavale has heritage surveys on the cards designed to extend localised areas previously cleared at these prospects.

Adavale now has 100% ownership of EL6553 and this 3,000-metre program will be the first drilling at the MacDonnell Creek and George Creek uranium prospects since 2011.

Drill program

Adavale’s stage one program comprises 3000 metres of drilling to target paleochannel extensions and uranium redox boundaries at MacDonnell Creek and George Creek prospects.

The 40-hole program has been designed to focus previous uranium results at the prospects including:

  • 1-metre at 263ppm eU3O8; and
  • 65 metre at 235ppm eU3O8

“We are finalising the heritage clearances and associated administration requirements to enable us to shortly commence a cost-effective aircore drilling program at MacDonnell and George Creek,” said Director David Riekie

“While the historical drilling outlined the general uranium prospectivity, our current program of up to 40 holes is anticipated to trace, extend and test the uranium redox boundaries that were previously intersected.

“The average depth of the holes will be around 100m and testing will be conducted on-site using pXRF and subsequently verified by laboratory-based assays,” stated Riekie

Forward plan

The next steps for the prospects include:

  • engagement with Traditional Custodians has commenced and the timing of Heritage clearance surveys is being finalised;
  • contracts for drilling programs to be finalised;
  • field exploration of the Marree Embayment Project to test for near-surface uranium mineralisation; and
  • planning of first pass drill programme at the Depocentre prospect, Mundowdna

Riekie added: “This current drilling program will include both infill drilling (200m x 100m), designed to confirm and extend the previous uranium mineralisation as well as some broader spaced (800m x 400m) drilling anticipated to generate new target areas within this uranium-rich paleochannel.



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