ACDC Metals Discovers Strandline System At Douglas Heavy Mineral Sand Project

ACDC Metals Ltd (ASX: ADC) has revealed encouraging assays from the follow-up drilling program at its Douglas Heavy Mineral Sand Project in Victoria.

Highlights from drilling include:

  • 21.0m (metres) at 4.73% THM (total heavy minerals) from 21.0m, peaking at 4.5m at 11.34% THM from 21.0m; and
  • 33.0m at 3.19% HM from 9.0m, including 7.5m at 7.91% HM from 19.5m.

The results confirm the discovery of a new strandline system, ~2km west of the previously known Acapulco strandline deposit that partly sits within ACDC Metals’ EL7544.

Comparison with the Bondi strandline system

Based on geological observations and data, it is interpreted that the new discovery by ACDC Metals is analogous to the Bondi strandline system discovered by ASX-listed Basin Minerals Ltd in the late 1990s.

The Bondi deposit, which lies ~20 km from this new discovery, was subsequently mined by Iluka Resources until 2012.

Further drilling planned

ACDC Metals CEO Tom Davidson said: “Our 2024 drilling campaign keeps on delivering great results across our project portfolio, and the new assays from our Douglas project are no exception.

“These results confirm new strandline style mineralisation in a region that has seen prior mining by Iluka Resources.”

Davidson said that given the positive results, ACDC’s exploration team is mobilising quickly to execute another campaign this month to understand the extent and potential of this discovery.

Next steps

ACDC Metals plans to start an additional 4000m drilling program in mid-May to extend the mineralisation discovered to date.

The drilling program will focus on extending mineralisation to the west and determining the strike extent of the discovery.

Moreover, heavy mineral composite samples will be shipped to Adelaide to determine the mineral assemblage.



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